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BASIC NO BLUSH EPOXY (with warm hot weather - winter fast curing agent)


 This epoxy is a clear epoxy with a 2:1 mix ratio by volume. It is one of our top selling epoxies (and NON BLUSHING unlike most of our competitors' products). Basic No Blush has three different curing agents. The slow, hot weather curing agent is for use in hot weather, summers in the south, for example.


The cold weather winter curing agent will cure the epoxy in temperatures below freezing. Use this warm hot) weather epoxy for summer time boat building or other projects performed in temperatures over about 80 degrees. Switch to the other curing agents when conditions change (or blend them together for a 'something in-between' pot life. At normal temperatures this curing agent would have a long pot life and set up slowly.

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Basic No Blush epoxy is widely referenced across the Internet. These references include application pages (marine, table top, penny floors, etc.), information sites, and educational sites explaining how Basic No Blush 'fits into' the realm of epoxy resin systems.

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